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Port of Umpqua - District Manager

Posted: 2/2/2022
Salary: $61,000, DOQ
Location: Reedsport, OR


Now recruiting for Port of Umpqua District Manager


The Port of Umpqua Manager is responsible for overall organizational leadership and the implementation of the Port’s Strategic Business Plan and Capital Investment Plan. The Manager guides the overall operations of Port facilities, personnel, and financial performance in addition to directing operational policy and providing program direction in support of the Port’s mission. This position reports directly to the Port’s Board of Commissioners.

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Summary of Essential Duties

  • Responsible for leading the Port in its efforts to implement the goals and strategies outlined in its Strategic Plan, and to envision and accomplish sound business initiatives.
  • Responsible for marketing and outreach programs and represents the Port in relationships with customers, stakeholders, local, state, and federal officials, and Douglas County.
  • Recruits new businesses and negotiates rental/lease agreements, and other related business transactions by the authority granted by the Commission.
  • Promotes job retention and creation and creates new business opportunities through economic development.
  • Responsible for supervision to staff that may include prioritizing, assigning, and reviewing work. Provides leadership and direction to Port staff in accordance with Port Employee Handbook, while continuously seeking to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness of Port operations.
  • Development and execution of policies, processes, procedures and purchases.
  • Responsible for all appointments, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, termination, and other personnel management. Responsible for the application of best practices pertaining to personnel management actions for Port
  • Responsible for all coordination of the activities of all consultants to the Port, including legal counsel, planners, auditors, engineers and other professional services.
  • Provides Commission with current information regarding business trends, market conditions, and opportunities relevant to the Commission’s short and long-term goals.
  • Responsible for the duties of the Port’s Budget Officer. This position is responsible for the preparation, submission and adherence to the Port’s annual operating budget and capital improvement planning in compliance with applicable Oregon budget law.
  • Responsible for complex financial transactions, particularly those with significant legal or contractual components.
  • Responsible to negotiate, create and administers all leases, contracts, work agreements and monitors to assure compliance.
  • Responsible to identify local, state, and federal grant opportunities and submit grant applications as approved by the Port’s Commission.
  • Responsible for the regular inspection and timely maintenance of all Port facilities, compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the securing of all necessary permits from regulatory agencies.
  • Works directly with the Army Corps of Engineers, Business Oregon Ports Division, PNWA and other agencies to assure annual maintenance dredging on the Umpqua River.
  • Works with the Commission President in developing Commission Meeting Agendas
  • Oversees, the preparation and scheduling of all Commission meetings, following the guidelines of Oregon Public Meeting Laws. Attends all meetings unless excused by the Commission and ensures written minutes are delivered to the Port Commission, in a timely manner for the Commission’s review and approval.
  • Responsible for the timely performance of all financial requirements of the Port. This is inclusive, but not limited to, ensuring the accurate posting of all accounts payable and receivable, payroll, tax filings and payments, fund transfers, bank account preparation, reconciliation and verification, financial reports, monthly journals, general ledgers, profit, and loss statements.
  • Provides monthly budget performance updates at each regular monthly Port Commission meeting.
  • Communicates regularly with Port Commissioners and responds to commissioner inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • Assists the Commission in developing and maintaining communication with the Commission’s
  • Provides the Commission with updates of activities within the Port that may generate above normal interest from the press and or, community members and Port stakeholders.
  • Provides the Commission with current information regarding business trends, market conditions, and opportunities relevant to the Commission’s short and long-term
  • Regularly reviews Port departmental policies and procedures, and recommends revision when appropriate, in consultation with the Port
  • Provides orientation for new Commission members.
  • Provides direction to Port staff in cultivating a culture of proactive customer service by monitoring and taking initiative in identifying areas for Collaboratively develops plans, solutions and alternatives to improve organizational efficiency.
  • Sets the tone for and models professional and respectful interactions both internally and externally.

You can call The Port office – 541-271-2232