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Metcom 911 - Console Furniture Replacement RFP

I.  Introduction

Purpose of Proposal

Marion Area Multi Agency Emergency Telecommunications (METCOM), an Oregon ORS 190 government organization, is requesting proposals to replace dispatch console furniture for a total of eight (8) positions.  METCOM’s needs are outlined in the following Request for Proposal (RFP). 

This RFP does not constitute a promise to or guarantee that a vendor will be selected and a project will move forward but will allow METCOM to evaluate prospect bids and evaluate if the project can meet our immediate needs.  METCOM requires that no person shall, on the grouds of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity.  METCOM further assures that every effort will be made to ensure non-discrimination in all its programs and activities, where those programs are federally funded or not. 

Estimated Schedule of Events
METCOM will attempt to follow the timetable which should result in a professional services agreement in June of 2024.

Milestone                                                                                                                           Date

  • Issue RFP                                                                                                              March 7, 2024
  • Deadline for Questions                                                                                 April 22, 2024
  • Pre-Submittal Facility Tour                                                                         March - May
  • Addendum of Substantive Clarification if Needed                        April 30, 2024
  • Proposals Due                                                                                                     May 14, 2024, 9am Pacific
  • Presentation and Staff Interview, if requested by agency        May 23, 2024                     
  • Contract Negotiations                                                                                     June, 2024
  • Presentation of Contract to Governing Board                                  June, 2024

METCOM reserves the right to revise this timeline



II.  Instructions to Respondents

Pre-Submittal Facility Tour
To ensure an accurate and complete response to this RFP, METCOM is reliant upon Respondent’s thorough understanding of the intended needs.  All prospective Respondents to this RFP are strongly encouraged to schedule a Pre-Submittal facility tour.

All Respondents must send a confirming email to METCOM via Business Manager Wendy Patterson,  Confirmations of Respondents interest to bid shall include the company name, contact name and title, and email address.  Also list the names and contact information of any additional personnel your company plans to be primary contacts for this project. 

Prospective Respondents to this RFP may request a Pre-Submittal facility tour on a date and time to be scheduled with METCOM Business Manager, Wendy Patterson, via email at  Requests shall include the company name, contact name and title, and email address along with a list of additional personnel who plan to attend the facility tour.  METCOM will work with Respondents as best possible to schedule a date and time for the facility tour, so it is strongly encouraged to have several possible dates and times available to ensure a tour.  Tours may be scheduled Monday through Thursday between the hours of 6:30am and 4:00pm and will not be accommodated after April 25, 2024.  


Respondents may ask questions or receive clarification on any portion of this RFP.  All questions must be submitted to METCOM Business Manager, Wendy Patterson, via email at with the subject line: METCOM Console Furniture RFP.  Any questions or clarification must be submitted by Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 4:00pm Pacific Time.    

All questions and responses will be shared with respondents. 


If necessary, METCOM may release an amendment to this RFP containing any material or information changes it deems necessary.  METCOM will distribute to all known Respondents any subsequent updates or amendments to this RFP (as they are made available).


Proposal Deadline
Proposals are due to METCOM Business Manager no later than Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 9:00AM Pacific Time.

It is encouraged that responses be submitted by email.  Emailed responses should include “METCOM RFP – Console Furniture Replacement” in the subject line and be addressed to:  Emailed responses must be in PDF format and cannot exceed 150MB.  As an alternate to email or to back up any files sent, responses can be mailed or delivered to:

METCOM 9-1-1
Attn:  Wendy Patterson,  Console Furniture Replacement
1060 Mt. Hood Ave.
Woodburn, OR  97071

Any response sent via mail must be received by the deadline of Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 9:00AM Pacific Time.  If an email response was verified as received, a backup paper copy may be received after the May 14th deadline but no later than Friday, May 17th. 


Presentation and Interview
Around May 23, 2024, a presentation and staff interview MAY be held for top respondents.  Should METCOM schedule this interview, Respondents will be permitted the opportunity to give a presentation on their proposal to fulfill the RFP.  Respondents will also be interviewed one at a time by METCOM staff should this section be added by METCOM. 



III. General Information for Vendors

Background – METCOM 9-1-1
METCOM 9-1-1 was formed as an Oregon ORS 190 government agency when Santiam Canyon Communications Center (SCCC) and North Marion County Communications (NORCOM) consolidated.  METCOM is one of two Primary Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and Emergency Communications Centers (ECC) serving Marion County.  METCOM dispatches 19 Fire and EMS agencies, 7 police departments, and several other public safety federal and local agencies.  METCOM covers approximately 1,100 square miles and answers for approximately 140,000 residents. 

METCOM utilizes “dispatch console furniture” for its work.  There are a total of 8 workstations.  The current workstations house up to 8 monitors, four computers, three keyboards and mice, one radio, backup mobile radios, foot pedals, and other equipment.  The current workstations are ergonomically adjustable.  They can be raised and lowered with two different motorized actuation points; one controlling desk height and the other controlling keyboard surface height.  Workstations contain limited functionality for staff comfort such as lighting and heating options (most do not currently work).

The existing dispatch console furniture has been in use for well over fifteen years, if not longer, and is well beyond its lifespan.  METCOM is interested in replacing existing dispatch console furniture with modern, updated options for the 8 workstations with an emphasis on service delivery, employee comfort, lifespan of all working parts/generous warranty, and to meet current and future needs.

The completion date for the project is currently set to be no later than December 31, 2024.


Project Summary
METCOM is requesting proposals from qualified Respondents with the selection, installation of dispatch console furniture, and disposal of current furniture.  Respondents shall state their compliance with the requirements of the RFP and provide in their responses a description of any additional work necessary to complete the work of this project.  Respondent shall include all mobilization, labor, materials, supplies and equipment as required to complete the work.  Respondent shall indicate their agreement with the proposed project timeline or suggest alternate guaranteed start and completion dates for the work. 

METCOM leases work space and is located within the Woodburn Police Department which is a one story building.  There is no loading dock and vendor would need to bring in all necessary equipment for moving and set up of furniture. 

Respondents are encouraged to provide suggested console layout options that optimize the available space.  Respondents must take note of the location of electrical access that is currently available in the center.  METCOM is open to have vendor suggest additional power feeds via drops from the ceiling or other methods but the vendor would be responsible for providing all necessary information in the quote and must utilize the City of Woodburn electrical contractor for specific electrical work.  Any other subcontractor must be approved by METCOM if one is needed with the exception of the company the Respondent uses for shipping. METCOM can work with Respondent on obtaining necessary permits but this will ultimately be the responsibility of the Respondent if this option is chosen.  Respondent must request contact information from METCOM regarding the electrical contractor to be used if that option is chosen.   

All consoles are utilized for all aspects of police, fire, medical and other public safety dispatching and call taking. 

This RFP does not obligate METCOM to pay any costs incurred by respondents in the preparation and submission of a proposal.  Furthermore, the RFP does not obligate METCOM to accept or contract for any expressed or implied services.


Detailed Scope of Work

1. Specifications:  Respondents shall include a price for the complete design, fabrication, delivery, installation, cabling, connection, configuration, and testing of the systems defined in the RFP as well as the training of personnel on their use.  Respondents shall state their concurrence with the requirements of the RFP and provide in their responses a description of any additional work necessary to complete the work of this project.  Respondent shall include all mobilization, labor, materials, supplies, and equipment as required to complete the work.  Respondent shall indicate their agreement with the proposed project timeline or suggest alternate guaranteed start and completion dates for the work.    


Vendors are encouraged to provide suggested console layout options that optimize the available space.  Additional components may be recommended to enhance the efficiency of the console positions where possible.  Respondents should take note of power locations during the walkthrough.  Any console electrical cable should be long enough to directly plug into power outlets without the use of extension cords. 


2. Console Furniture:  All furniture shall be of the same manufacturer and shall be furnished and installed by the manufacturer or a vendor specializing in the delivery, set up and installation of the manufacturer’s furniture and equipment located within a CJIS facility. 


3. Requirements:  This section outlines minimum contract requirements for the Respondent providing replacement Console Furniture to METCOM for use in its ECC:


The console shall be able to accommodate various types of equipment, both above and below the work surface (computers, communication, display, environmental controls and operator interface devices).


The consoles must be designed in accordance with the quality standards of ISO 11064, BIFMA and meet all ANSI/HFES 100-2007 specifications.  Documentation of compliance is required in submittal. 


a. The console furniture must include motorized adjustable work surfaces to ergonomically facilitate usage by a work force of differing heights, reach, length, and body size in a 24/7 environment.

  1. The keyboard height should be separately adjustable from the monitor height.  Other options will be considered including add on tray tables that will allow staff to adjust the keyboard to tilt in and out to accommodate needed ADA requirements.
  2. The monitor depth must be adjustable.
  3. Worksurface shall be supported by steel structural frame, for greater long-term rigidity, and for better column lift performance.
  4. An electrical actuated desktop monitor management system shall be capable of manual and automated horizontal and vertical movement.  The system shall be constructed of heavy duty steel and aluminum extrusions, and capable of supporting up to a 5 wide x 2 high standard-sized LCD monitors (24”).
  5. Worksurface shall be supported by steel structural frame, for greater long term rigidity, and for better column lift performance.
  6. The console shall use heavy duty electro-mechanical columns with a 2,500N (562Lb-force) load per column.  The configuration shall be evaluated and approved by a professional engineer with consideration for the specific loading needs of METCOM.
  7. The maximum load on the work surface is 10,000N (2,248lb-force) with three lift columns.
  8. If a keyboard platform is utilized in the design, it shall use electro-mechanical columns with a 1,200N (270lb-force) load per column for a total of 2,400N (540lb-force) when using two lift columns.
  9.  The lifting mechanism shall have the ability to be positioned anywhere along the horizontal mounting rails allowing for future re-configuration capability.
  10. The housing shall be a self-contained unit that will provide all structural support for the lift mechanisms as well as all required cable management and floor cable/data access. 

b.       The console furniture must include built-in surface multi ports for power, voice, and data lines to include:

  1. Easy access to cabling and other hardware such as keyboard and mice ports.
  2. The response must include cable management specs or example layouts.
  3. Cable access for flooring power cut outs and ceiling drops.
  4. Future cable expansion.
  5. The work surface edge shall be available with a soft urethane nosing which will have an ergonomic slope in order to minimize contact stress for the dispatcher.

c.       The console furniture must include consideration for storage, placement and mounting of radio, phone, speaker and monitor equipment.

  1. The response shall specifically state the dimensions of the included storage and equipment listed.
  2. The response must detail what, if any air flow or cooling is included for storage of computers within the console.

d.       The console furniture must include amenities for each workstation to include

  1. Heating
  2. Fans/cooling
  3. Individual Lighting (a minimum of one with two preferred)
  4. Off hook/available agent on a light bar when agent is busy and available on phone calls.  This should also include a call for assistance light.  Radio indication will not be used on light bar but ability to add on other signaling lights is desired.
  5. Charging/USB/Power Ports on the desktop (each employee is issued individual keyboards with USB plugs)

               - Proposal must list number of power outlets available and indicate if this is a hard wire system or from a standard power bar

                - Main power cable of the console/furniture must be made to such length to reach the power outlet based on vendor suggested drawings without need for extension cords


e. The proposal must include options for console layout to maximize ease of use, efficiency of spatial footprint, ergonomics, acoustical considerations, and accessibility including disability compliant walkways capable of accommodating a wheelchair.  Any wellness functions that come as a standard or option should be included in the response with details on use.  Respondents are encouraged to provide at least two but no more than four layout options.     

f. Respondent is encouraged to provide noise/sound barrier options (to include a minimum of a 6” or higher barrier/sneeze guard around each console when utilized in the seated position).

g. The response must include warranty options that cover the console furniture and all associated equipment that is installed by the vendor including adjustable motors, cabinetry, cabinetry hardware, electrical systems, heating/cooling systems and amenities.  The warranty information shall describe:

  1. The length of the warranty for each covered item (if any item is separate)
  2. What is covered by warranty (it is acceptable to indicated everything is covered with the exception of items spelled out in number (iii) of this section
  3. What is NOT covered by warranty
  4. The options available for servicing the product
  5. The specifics of any included service contract
  6.  The response time for a technician to repair
  7.  The warranty must list any annual support costs

h.       The console furniture replacement project is likely to occur during a time when the carpet will be replaced within the center.  The Respondent must be able to work collaboratively and concurrently with other projects.  Respondent may also provide a bid on replacing existing carpet if they wish (listed as optional).  The response should describe the Respondent’s project management strategy and capabilities that will allow them to be successful in the described situation.

i. The Respondent is responsible for tear down and disposal of existing console furniture.

j. The Respondent must provide a timeline with significant milestones.

  1. Current desired installation would occur in October, 2024.

k.       As it relates to the above, the vendor shall demonstrate:

  1. Audited Quality Management System, such as ISO 9001 or equivalent.
  2. Third party audited Environment Management System, such as ISO 14001, or equivalent, as a commitment to maintain sound environmental policies.
  3.  Demonstrate a third party audited low emitting chemical volatile organic compounds (VOC) certification, such as UL Greenguard.
  4. Provide American National Standards Institute (ANSI) / Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers (BIFMA) tests certified by an independent laboratory or Professional Engineer.
  5. The manufacturer shall fully stage (assemble) all products prior to shipping to ensure quality of fit and finish.  In addition, the manufacturer will have an option for a factory product sign off prior to product shipment.  Photographs of assembled consoles may be required in lieu of factory acceptance from METCOM staff.
  6.  The vendor shall be a full manufacturer of product including all design services, metalwork, woodwork and millwork to ensure product consistency and lead times (electronics, such as lifts, may be manufactured by a third party with respondent responsible for all warranty claims).
  7. The manufacturer shall have a certified Ergonomist on staff and shall perform an ergonomic review of each proposed solution.      

l.         Agency Logo

  1. To be listed as optional, respondents are asked to identify ways to incorporate the agency logo within the overall design.  This could include a logo at each console or a focal location.  This shall be identified as an option with separate costs.      


IV. Proposal Instructions

Proposals should be prepared in a straightforward, concise manner.  Emphasis should be on accuracy, completeness, and clarity of content.  All parts, figures, and tables should be numbered and clearly labeled. 

Respondents are responsible for verifying that the proposal is received by METCOM prior to the deadline.  This can be verified by requesting a response back via email, phone call, or by signed delivery by respondents preferred carrier. 


Letter of Submittal
The Letter of Submittal must be signed and dated by a person authorized to legally bind the vendor to a contractual relationship.  Along with Introductory remarks, the Letter of Submittal is to include by attachment the following information about the Vendor and any proposed subcontractors:

  1. Name, Address, principal place of business, telephone number and email address of legal entity or individual with whom contract would be written.
  2. Legal status of Vendor (sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, etc).
  3. Federal Tax Identification number.
  4. Location of the facility from which the vendor would operate.
  5. State the case number and party names of all litigation the Respondent has been named in that has been filed since January 1, 2018.  It is not sufficient to state that litigation has no effect on this procurement.  Failure to disclose will result in disqualification of the Respondent. 
  6. Include a list of references (with contact information) of at least three projects completed within the last four years for similar work outside of Oregon.  Separately, provide references of locations in Oregon which have similar furniture as what will be proposed, if applicable.


Technical Proposal to Detailed Scope of Work
Vendor is responsible for design of the console configuration and system. 


Pricing Proposal
The proposal shall include a complete itemization of fees.  The proposal shall include a cost breakdown for all items.  To control the schedule and final costs, METCOM reserves the right to adjust the Proposed Deliverables and Scope of Work during negotiations with the selected Respondent. 

Console Full Project
Include a detailed price/cost breakdown including products and labor

Additional Costs (Specify):
Total Project Cost:
Options (each listed independently):
Yearly/ongoing costs:


Payment Terms
Terms shall be 90% net 30 days after satisfaction and acceptance of completion (at end of installation) with 10% retention to be released upon final satisfaction and acceptance of completion (not to exceed 10 business days after consoles are used by METCOM staff in normal operations). 


Change Orders
Any change order requires prior approval.  There shall be no changes in work or materials by the contactor without issuance of an approved written change order.


Project Schedule
Include a proposed schedule for completion of the detailed scope of work with consideration that the kickoff for project planning should be around June of 2024.  Installation will not be allowed in the months of June, July, and August.  The project schedule must provide for lead time for the teardown and installation.

Agency will work with selected company for final schedule, but it is anticipated that all work can occur within a seven-day period.  This would include removing computer/communications equipment, tear down of consoles, carpet installation, installation of new consoles and installation of communications equipment.  It is anticipated that the dispatch center will be vacated during this project.  Tentative target dates for installation would likely be the week of October 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th. 


The Respondent shall, at its own expens, maintain the following insurance coverage that shall remain in full force and effect during the term of the contract.  Prior to the commencement of the work/service, Respondent shall provide METCOM with a certificate of insurance evidencing proof of insurance coverage in the amounts stated herein:

Commercial General Liability coverage with limits not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 annual aggregate.

Business Automobile Liability Coverage with limits not less than $1,000,000 per accident for any auto.

Stop Gap/Employer’s Liability coverage with limits not less than $1,000,000 per accident/disease.

Technology Errors and Omissions (E&O) shall be written with limits no less than $1,000,000 per claim and $1,000,000 policy aggregate limit.

Workers Compensation coverage as required by the Industrial Insurance Laws of the State of Oregon.


Other insurance provisions:

Commercial General Liability policies must be endorsed to:

a) Include METCOM, its officials, employees and volunteers as additional insureds,

b) Provide that such insurance shall be primary as respects any insurance or self-insurance maintained by METCOM.

Respondents or its Insurance Agent/Broker shall notify METCOM of any cancellation, or reduction in coverage or limits, of any insurance within seven (7) days of receipt of insurer’s notification to that effect. 


Provide a copy of the Respondent’s IRS W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.


Certifications and Assurances
See Appendix B – “Certifications and Assurances”.  This attached form must be completed and included in the proposal.


Modification or Withdrawal of Proposal
Proposals may be withdrawn any time prior to the scheduled due date.  Withdrawn proposals may be resubmitted up to the time and date designated for receipt of the proposals provided they are in full conformance with the terms and conditions of this solicitation.


V. Evaluation Criteria

Each compliant proposal received will be objectively evaluated and rated according to a specified point system.  Scoring criteria is broken up into eight categories.

Categories for Scoring:

Respondent’s Qualifications                                                        10 pts

  • History of working on similar projects

Responsiveness to RFP                                                                   25 pts

  • Response complies with RFP documents
  • How well proposed furniture meets or exceeds listed specifications and requirements
  • Logical layout and ease of finding requirements within RFP proposal

Proposed timeline                                                                            10 pts

  • Proposed start to completion

Pricing                                                                                                  20 pts

  • Overall costs of project

Bundled Services                                                                               5 pts

  • Bundled Services which could be associated with project

User Comfort                                                                                     5 pts

  •  Unique attributes which enhance user comfort

Warranty                                                                                            15 pts

  • Length and inclusiveness of warranty

References                                                                                          10 pts

  • METCOM may contact references, bot given and found and consider responses provided



VI. Contract Award

METCOM will award a contract to the highest scoring Respondent.  Should METCOM not reach a favorable agreement with the highest scoring Respondent, METCOM may suspend or terminate negotiations and commence negotiations with the second highest scoring Respondent and so on until a favorable agreement is reached.  METCOM may also elect to not award a contract.

The proposal and all responses provided by the successful Respondent may become a part of the final contract.  Prior to signing, METCOM will take the contact to the Governing Board for final approval.

Public Disclosure
Once submitted to METCOM, proposals shall become the property of METCOM, and all proposals shall be deemed a public record in compliance with Oregon law.  Any proposal containing language which copyrights the proposal, declares the entire proposal to be confidential, declares that the document is the exclusive property of the Respondent, or is any way contrary to the state public disclosure laws or this RFP, could be removed from consideration.  METCOM will not accept the liability of determining what the Respondent considers proprietary or not.  Therefore, any information in the proposal that the Respondent claims as proprietary and exempt from disclosure under Oregon law must be clearly designated as described in the “Proprietary Material Submitted”.      

It must also include the exemptions(s) from disclosure upon which the Respondent is making the claim, and the page it is found on must be identified.  With the exception of lists of prospective Respondents, METCOM will not disclose RFP proposals until a bid selection is made.  At that time, all information about the competitive procurement will be available with the exception of: Proprietary/confidential portion(s) of the proposal(s), until the Respondent has an adequate opportunity to seek a court order preventing disclosure.  METCOM will consider a Respondent’s request for exemption from disclosure; however, METCOM will make a decision predication upon Oregon Public Disclosure laws.

Bid Protests
Respondents have the right to protest certain decisions in contract solicitation, selection and award processes made by METCOM.  METCOM will consider protests alleging issues related to: (1) A matter of bias, discrimination or conflict of interest, (2) Errors in computation of score, (3) Non-compliance with procedures described in the solicitation or METCOM policy.

All protests shall be in writing and clearly state that the respondent is submitting a formal protest.  Protests must be emailed to the RFP contact listed above.  Bid Protests will not be accepted later than two (2) business days after respondents are notified of award details.  METCOM’s RFP Content Contact will review any protests and respond to protestor within ten (10) business days.  METCOM may request additional time if needed.  Protestor and the other respondents will be notified in writing if protest results in a change to award details and/or protest results in a new solicitation process.



VII. Appendix Section


Appendix A – Respondent’s Checklist

This checklist is being provided for convenience only and identifies the documents to submit with each proposal.  Any proposals received without this information may be considered non-responsive and not be considered for award. 

Note: Any proposal submitted which does not adequately address all aspects required in the specifications may be rejected at the discretion of METCOM for noncompliance.

  • Completed Letter of Submittal
  • Technical Proposal of Detailed Scope of Work
  • Pricing Proposal
  • Certifications and Assurances (Appendix B)
  • W9
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Any additional information as required in the proposal


Appendix B – Certifications and Assurances

I/we make the following certifications and assurances as a required element of the proposals to which it is attached, understanding that the truthfulness of the facts affirmed here and the continuing compliance with these requirements are conditions precedent to the award or continuations of the related contract(s):

I/we declare that all answers and statements made in the proposal are true and correct.

The prices and/or cost data have been determined independently, without consultation, communication, or agreement with others for the purpose of restricting competition.  However, I/we may freely join with other persons or organizations for the purpose of presenting a single proposal. 

The attached proposal is a firm offer for a period of 60 days following published close date of the RFP, and it may be accepted by METCOM without further negotiation (except where obviously required by lack of certainty in key terms) at any time within the 60-day period. 

  • I/we understand that METCOM will not reimburse me/us for any costs incurred in the preparation of this proposal.  All proposals become the property of METCOM, and I/we claim no proprietary right to the ideas, writings, items, or samples, unless so stated in this proposal.
  • Unless otherwise required by law, the prices and/or cost data which have been submitted have not been knowingly disclosed by the Respondent and will not knowingly be disclosed by him/her prior to opening, directly or indirectly to any other Respondent or to any competitor. 
  • I/we agree that submission of the attached proposal constitutes acceptance of the solicitation contents.  If there are any exceptions to these terms, I/we have described those exceptions in detail on a page attached to this document.
  • No attempt has been made or will be made by Respondent to induce any other person or firm to submit or not to submit a proposal for the purpose of restricting competition.
  • I/we grant METCOM the right to contact references and others, who may have pertinent information regarding the Respondent’s prior experience and ability to perform the services contemplated in this procurement.
  • Note:  If submitted electronically, include the following:

On behalf of the firm submitting this proposal, my name below attest to the accuracy of the above statements

RFP Document