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White River Health District - Clinic Manager

Posted: 11/21/2023
Salary: $67,200
Location: Maupin, OR


Application Deadline: December 31st, 2023


Office/Clinic/District Management & Oversight:

- Provide back-up support to Office Manager and ensure timely and accurate procedures are followed on patient care services (patient appointments/registration, data acquisition, office operations).

- Develops and manages contracts, and agreements related to clinic/grounds maintenance, IT, insurance, legal, accounting, billing & claims, and insurance payers.

- Responsible for overseeing and resolving operational issues: equipment, utility, building, grounds, security, IT.

- Adhere to public records & meetings law and other laws governing special districts.

- Maintain clinic/district website and FB, ensuring availability and transparency of information

- Participate in community outreach and public events to market clinic services

- Responsible for clinic Safety, establishing a Safety Committee, and ensuring adherence to established safety protocols and procedures

- Coordinate with Office Manager and Board on development of Policies and Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures Oversee fulfillment of reporting requirements and adherence to rules (CMS) Work with Special District Association of Oregon on Insurance coverage and risk management

- Assist Office Manager with Equipment Inventory and Asset Management Board of Directors Support

- Attend regular and special Board of Directors meetings, providing manager reports / clinic updates.

- Provide support to Board functions as needed Medical Services and Patient Care Services Provide oversight of Referral process as assigned by providers; streamline referral/authorization process.

- Communicate with patients as needed about labs and other test results; assist patients with their questions and in procuring answers.

- Oversee ECW / Patient Records, and all patient care services Coordinate/collaborate with Providers and Medical Director on meeting patient care needs, and Provider needs Work with Office Manager on meeting PCPCH requirements and completing bi-annual recertifications Perform Metrics checks; Oversight of Quality Measures Maintain Malpractice Insurance on all providers

- Be knowledgeable on equipment operations (X-ray, EKG); ensure regular equipment maintenance and inspections

- Ensure HIPAA compliance and PHI protections are in place

- Ensure credentialing of providers Financial Work with accountant on accounts payable/receivable, financial statements, and audit

- Responsible for all banking, and bank account and tax funds management (LGIP)

- Work with Office Manager in preparation of annual budget and conduct of budget meetings.

- Submit Adopted budget and associated documents to County and SDAO Coordinate with auditors on annual municipal audit; ensure retention and delivery of requested audit documents and schedules.

- Oversee Payer contract reviews and renegotiation of contracts

- Oversee Billing and Claims Participate in Option Tax Levy campaign activities in Spring 2024 Personnel Management Supervise all staff and oversee contracted personnel

- Evaluate staff performance using Best Management Practices; develop workplans as needed

- Oversee maintenance of employee confidential files for New and Existing hires Plan for staff training to improve job performance and service delivery.

- Effectively communicate with staff, creating synergy between all departments, work with staff on problem solving and complaint resolution.

- Oversee development of position descriptions prior to hire, and contracts and service agreements for professional services.

- Responsible for recruitment, interviews and hiring to fill clinic positions and provide on-board orientation; responsible for disciplinary action and termination of employees, if necessary Responsible for employee payroll, taxes, benefits provisions- working with Payroll Contractor Responsible for Payroll Audit and other requirements for SDAO Oversee Workers’ Compensation program through SAIF Other Duties considered important but non-essential Work with Office Manager and Board in achieving RHC certification and Clinic goals.

- Coordinate on Wellness Center issues; assist with old clinic repurposing Seek operational grants


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