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Port of Morrow - Civil Engineer and Senior Civil Engineer

Posted: 2/21/2023
Salary: $95,000 – $145,000 DOE, $135,000-165,000 DOE
Location: Boardman, OR


Summary: The POM Civil Engineer will design, plan and supervise the construction of infrastructure projects such as buildings, bridges, roads, pipelines, water and sewage systems.  They will ensure each project is feasible by analyzing local and environmental impacts and making sure that they can be completed on time within the budget restrictions.


Essential Functions/major responsibilities:

·     Consults with and provides guidance to managerial staff regarding engineering requirements for construction of various designs, modifications, and structural repairs.

·     Uses design software and drawing tools to accurately render and communicate designs.

·     Sets design specifications by computing load and grade requirements, material stress factors, water flow rates, and similar parameters.

·     Plans projects based on the analysis of relevant materials such as drawings, blueprints, aerial photography, survey reports, maps, and other geologic and topographical data.

·     Drafts and presents reports on topics related to projects such as environmental impact statements and right-of-way descriptions.

·     Completes and submits all permit applications to the appropriate agencies and ensures compliance.

·     Estimates materials, equipment, and labor needed to determine project costs.

·     Collaborates with contractors to ensure projects progress properly.

·     Collaborates with surveyors (or directs and participates in surveying) to establish installations or reference points, grades, elevations, and other factors that will affect construction.

·     Monitors project progress and ensures design specifications, safety, and sanitation standards are met.

·     On completion of a project, inspects, repairs, and maintains the structures as needed.

·     Performs other related duties as assigned.

Specific job skills:

·     Civil 3D proficiency

·     Proficient in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Microsoft Project

·     Thorough understanding of civil engineering principles, practices and tools

·     Thorough understanding of materials, methods and tools involved in construction

·     Thorough understanding of safety regulations

·     Design skills

·     Site development

·     Problem solving

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

·    B.S. in Civil, Environmental, or related engineering field

·    Minimum 2 years’ experience in civil project design

Required certification:

·     P.E. in the state of Oregon or the ability to obtain within 6 months (reciprocity)


Civil Engineer Job Description

Senior Civil Engineer Job Description


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