Free Online Training Program for SDIS Members

As part of SDIS's ongoing commitment to safety, compliance with regulatory requirements, and containing healthcare costs, SDIS has partnered with SafePersonnel to provide a series of free online risk management trainings. SDAO members enrolled in the SDIS Property/Casualty program can complete safety and liability trainings through the SafePersonnel online training system at no charge.

This extensive library of trainings is accessible to each district through a personalized website set up by SafePersonnel. 

If your district has already set up their training website with SafePersonnel and you are looking to complete trainings, please contact your district's management team for information on creating your login. These trainings cannot be accessed through the SDAO website.

If you have forgotten your district's training website address or your login information, please contact SafePersonnel at 800-434-0154.

If you have not set up your district's personalized training website and would be the district contact for the site, click here and send us your name, district name, contact phone number and email address. We will provide your information to SafePersonnel and they will assist you with creating your district's personalized training website. 

**Please NoteThe online training program is not accessible through the SDAO website. Each member district completes trainings through their district's personalized training website which is set up and hosted by SafePersonnel. For more information, please see below.