SDIS Insurance Program Coverages

This is only a summary; descriptions of coverage are provided for convenience of reference only.  Specific sub-limits, terms and conditions apply that are not listed. See the actual coverage documents for exact coverage details.

For more information, contact the at 800-285-5461.

Property Casualty Coverage

  • Property
  • Liability
  • Automobile
  • Boiler & Machinery
  • Crime

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Workers' Compensation Coverage

We are able to offer members participating in the Workers’ Compensation program better rates than are typically available anywhere else. Because the program is a self-insured risk pool, members realize that controlling claims costs not only benefits their own rates, but those of all the other members. Underwriting is on a selective basis, and members must commit to an aggressive safety and return-to-work program. 

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Employee Benefits Program

The SDIS Employee Benefits Program provides an avenue for member districts of all sizes to access easy and affordable employee benefits options. Through its partnerships with well-respected insurance carriers and administrators, SDIS is able to offer coverage for medical, vision, dental, short-term disability, long-term disability, and life insurance. These programs are structured to offer multiple plan selections, accommodating members of all sizes and financial means.

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