PACE School Risk Management Training

PACE School Risk Management Training
Who is ultimately responsible for effective risk management within a school district? The answer is becoming more and more elusive as job functions can change day to day. The most obvious answers are the safety coordinator, financial department, and human resources. The true answer is everyone.

School risk management is defined as the process of managing the uncertainty of exposures that affect a school. The process involves five steps: identification, analysis, control, financing and administration. It extends far beyond the funding or financing of losses through transfer of risk or insurance.

This training will cover a wide variety of topics that will assist you with becoming an effective risk manager. Learn how to properly identify, understand, and manage risks.

Time: 10am-3pm with one hour break for lunch (lunch not provided)

Cost: Free for PACE members and agents
6/29/2017 - 6/29/2017
Briggs Middle School
2355 Yolanda Ave
Springfield, OR

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