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Upcoming Events Building a Culture of Belonging

Complimentary DEI training for SDAO members

Join Deborah Jeffries of HR Answers at the beautiful Chemeketa Eola event center (in person or virtually) for a discussion on “building a culture of belonging”.

Organizational culture refers to the system of values, beliefs, and behaviors that shapes how work gets done within an organization. In a culture of belonging, that means an environment that supports all three elements of comfort, connection, and contribution. This means creating a space where every person feels a sense of belonging, where everyone can thrive without compromising their identity or their values. It is the sense you get that you are a valued member of a community and in turn have a sense of purpose. Belonging has a strong correlation to commitment and motivation at the workplace, directly translating to employee retention, pride, and motivation. People who feel they belong perform better, become more willing to challenge themselves, and are more resilient. The implications are powerful and the approaches to success do not have to be complex. 

This program will cover: 

  • Building the social bonds with staff, 
  • Using feedback loops as a communication tool, 
  • How to nurture inclusion and avoid exclusion, 
  • The reinforcing attributes of comfort, connection and contribution, and 
  • Ways to be intentional about inclusion.

Most all state and federal grant applications now require you to explain how you have considered the impact on diverse communities that you serve and how the funds will help advance diverse communities. This session will also help you understand how to respond and the things you should be considering when answering these questions.

Credit Information:

  • Board Leadership Academy: Module 4: Cultural Diversity
  • Fire District Directors Academy: Module 5: Cultural Diversity
  • SDAO Academy: Elective (5 Credits)
  • SHRM: HR Expertise: Diversity and Inclusion (3 PDC)

October 19, 2022

8am-9am: Check-in and light breakfast

9am-12pm: Training

Chemeketa Eola (For In-Person Attendees)
215 Doaks Ferry Rd
Salem, Oregon

Virtual option available!

Free for SDAO Members

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