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Upcoming Events Oregon Government Employee Handbook Template for January 2022 Complimentary Training

In January of 2021 SDAO, along with our colleagues at HR Answers, we were excited to roll out to our district members the first Oregon Government employee handbook template. Well over 170 of you have received a copy of this handbook and are using it today!

Well, a lot has happened since January of 2021, and it is now time for the updated version of this handbook to be made available to you for 2022. Included in the second version are updates related to legislative changes and other revisions that were considered to be of value.

This was developed with government employers in mind. This template includes all the policies required by public entities as well as guidance on mandatory requirements. It also includes sections in which it can be personalized to your district. This is available to your district at no cost.

If you have not received your template yet and want to receive one to begin the process of updating your policy manual, please contact Monica Harrison at to request a copy be sent to you.

Complimentary Training
To make this process even easier, we are providing a training on the Oregon Government Employee Handbook Template 2022! We will cover how best to update your handbook and roll it out to your staff.

Join Laurie Grenya of HR Answers and Monica Harrison of SDAO on Wednesday November 17th from 10 am to noon as they review the manual and some best practices on implementation for your district. We encourage you to come prepared with your questions regarding the manual.

Click here on November 17th at 10am to join the webinar.