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Upcoming Events Cybersecurity Webinar Series: Implementing Policies for Cybersecurity and Acceptable Use

How do employees, contractors, and volunteers know what is acceptable within your organization? Are they allowed to forward all their emails to their personal email account? Can they use their personal laptop while in the office?  These types of topics and many others should be outlined in the organization’s cybersecurity policy and corresponding acceptable use policy. These documents provide guidance to all workforce members on the Do’s and Don’ts of the organization.  In this session we will (1) discuss the importance of an organization’s cybersecurity policy and acceptable use policy, (2) outline the general topics to include in each of the policies, and (3) walk through examples of each.

**SDIS Best Practices Credit Eligible for Category 2: Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation**

Other Credit Information
-SDAO Academy: Risk Management/Operations: Cyber Risks – 5 Credits OR Elective – 5 Credits
-SHRM: HR Expertise: Risk Management – 1.5 PDC
-We have applied for 1 Miscellaneous-General CE credit for Oregon insurance agents.


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