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Upcoming Events Human Resources Training Series - Diversity and Inclusion

May 7 | 10-11:30am
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Diversity and inclusion continue to be important themes in today’s workplace. Like any worthwhile initiative, diversity and inclusion consist of many parts. Discrimination is one of those parts. In addition to discrimination laws that all employees and supervisors need to know, this training explains what it means to embrace diversity and the benefits it brings. This session will discuss how diversity and inclusion overlap with discrimination, and what organizations can do to promote diversity and inclusion in an effort to prevent discrimination. Presented by Deborah Jeffries with HR Answers.

We will cover:

  • Defining diversity, inclusion, discrimination, adverse action, and protected class and your responsibilities under these topics.
  • The benefits and challenges of having a diverse workplace
  • The two main types of discrimination and how it can happen in the workplace
  • Which classes of employees find protection under the law
  • What circumstances can lead to a charge of discrimination; and
  • Why diversity and inclusion matter in your workplace

Credit Information:

  • SDAO Board Leadership Academy: Module 4: Cultural Diversity
  • SDAO/OFDDA Fire District Directors Academy: Module 5: Cultural Diversity
  • SDAO Academy: Elective (5 Credits)
  • SHRM: 1.5 PDC – HR Expertise: Diversity & Inclusion

About the Speaker:
Deborah Jeffries serves as one of the Co-President for HR Answers, Inc.  She has over 37 years’ experience in the human resources field (33 in consulting).  As a consultant, recruiter and trainer, Deborah works with organizations on the employment processes/activities, performance management, coaching/counseling, customer service, diversity, harassment, supervision, leadership, improved communication and more.