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Upcoming Events PACE Renewal Agent Update Forum

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You are invited to join us on April 23rd for the PACE Renewal Agent Update Forum. This two-hour virtual meeting will feature updates from our legal, risk management, claims, and underwriting departments pertinent to the upcoming PACE renewal. An interactive question and answer session will be offered at the end of the forum for all attendees.

9:45 am-10 am                Login Open

10 am-10:10 am               Welcome Remarks
                                             Frank Stratton, SDAO Executive Director
                                             Dave Harvey, PACE Administrator

10:10 am-10:30 am         OSBA Legal
                                             Haley Purcell, PACE Chief Legal Counsel and Director of Labor Services
Haley will provide an update on PACE preloss hot topics including a review of no-cost  resources available for PACE members. She will also review how the PACE preloss process  works, when a PACE member is required to contact preloss legal and when they are not,  how her department coordinates with a school’s general counsel, and how PACE members  can most efficiently access the services provided by her team.

10:35 am-10:55 am         Risk Management Review
                                             Dan Davenport, Risk Manager
Dan will be discussing our current trends and risk exposures for the PACE pool and an  upcoming property project to better document your covered properties. He will also  introduce our new sexual abuse and molestation prevention specialist and review her role in  preventing sex abuse in schools.

11 am-11:20 am               Claims - Hot Topics and Review
                                            Jens Jensen, Claims Manager
What exposures will we face as a result of a year of remote school? Jens will review hot  topics with PACE members including abuse claims, property reviews, and employment  claims.

11:25 am- 11:45am          Underwriting Renewal Report
                                             Kevin Pardy, Underwriting Manager
Kevin will discuss the upcoming PACE renewal rates, the hardening reinsurance market,  cyber coverage and the importance of our charter requirements.

11:45am- 12pm                Q & A - Closing Statements