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Upcoming Events First Thursday Webinar: Doing “Stuff and Things” or Accomplishing Goals? – How Regular Feedback Will Help You Accomplish Goals

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Date: January 7, 2020
Time: 12:00-12:30pm

This is the third webinar in the SDAO risk management supervisor training series.  Too often we find ourselves racing around doing “stuff and things” when we should be accomplishing goals.  As supervisors, one way we can help our staff be successful with goals is to provide them regular feedback and evaluations.  At times, we hear the “experts” tell us to do performance evaluations and we think of the annual form we fill out and send to the personnel file.  In fact, we would do ourselves and our staff a favor by providing feedback consistently versus just a formal annual review.  During this discussion between Risk Management Consultant Jason Jantzi and HR Manager Monica Harrison you will hear how Jason’s “mistakes in management” were instrumental in building his team.  You will learn how to properly provide feedback and the importance of offering this assessment regularly to your staff.

**2021 SDIS Best Practices Credit Eligible**