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Upcoming Trainings SDAO Human Resources Training Series: Uncovering Our Blind Spots

Having an unconscious bias doesn’t make you a bad person—it just means you’re human. When most people think of bias, they think of a negative action taken deliberately. But there are unconscious or implicit biases that can affect your behavior or decisions without you realizing it. Unconscious biases are often based on mistaken, inaccurate, or incomplete information. These biases can have a significant impact on our workplaces, shaping who gets recruited, hired, and promoted.

It’s possible, however, to interrupt bias. The first step is awareness. This program will focus on how we interrupt our unconscious brain and tune-in to be more conscious of our thought process and decision making.

Join Deborah Jeffries of HR Answers as she addresses topics that are in the forefront of our world right now and how it applies you to you and your work world.  As an HR professional how do you manage the issues of diversity, inclusion and implicit bias; and how do you support your management staff in the same.

- SDAO Academy: 5 elective credits
- SDAO Board Leadership Academy and SDAO/OFDDA Directors Academy: Module 4 or 5 credit for Cultural Diversity
- SDIS Best Practices: SDAO/SDIS Training category credit

9/24/20 | 10-11:30am

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