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Regional Risk Management Training - Webinar

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Join us for an exciting presentation full of topics designed to help you and your district manage your risk. Our speakers will cover the following:

As a supervisor how do your actions affect the organization's risk? Nearly all the claims that are paid by SDIS can be traced back, in part, to a lapse in supervision at some level. Many front-line and even executive-level managers have had to learn supervision skills through experience and the school of hard knocks. This moderated discussion will help you sharpen your skills as a supervisor and will provide you five parts to evaluate. These five evaluation areas are captured in the acronym I-LEAD and will help you discover a simple way to ensure positive leadership.

Premises Liability: Personal injury cases often arise from injury caused by unsafe or defective conditions on one's property. Learn how some of the simple conditions that cause claims can be viewed and repaired to make your property safer. It's easy to see major problems, but these claims often come from the more basic issues that are overlooked.

Return to Work: Understanding the workers' compensation process is the key to your district's success with managing on-the-job injuries. In this training, you will learn how to effectively process your workers' compensation claims and mitigate costs through early return to transitional work. You will also discover how improving communication and rapid reporting can reduce your worker's compensation expenses. 

Seasonal Hot Topic: The risk management team will share a hot topic affecting risk management and special districts.

This webinar is Best Practices eligible.

This webinar is eligible for 15 in-person SDAO Academy credits:

5 Credits: Risk Management/Operations - Facility Maintenance & Property Inspections
5 Credits: Risk Management/Operations - Return-to-Work
5 Credits: Risk Management/Operations - Risk Management and Supervision


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