BOLI Releases Final Rules on Oregon Equal Pay Law

The final rules for the Oregon Equal Pay Act were released by BOLI on November 19, 2018 with BOLI enforcement of the law beginning on January 1, 2019.


BOLI's Technical Assistance for Employers Program is available for any questions you may have about the law.  The phone number is 971-673-0824.  In addition, information specific to the Pay Equity Law can be found on the BOLI website

Statement from BOLI regarding Pay Equity Law and rules


Pay Equity Rules 

New BOLI Mandatory Poster
BOLI has recently come out with the mandatory poster for the Oregon Equal Pay Law. All Oregon employers are required to post this notice in an area where employees can easily see it.  Please download/print this poster and include it along with all your other required postings.  Required posters can be found on the BOLI website.

SDAO HR Alliance

SDAO is developing a human resources network for our member districts’ human resources professionals. It will provide all participating members a chance to collaborate with others via email using the SDAO HR Alliance listserv. With this listserv, you can send an email out to others who do what you do, day in and day out, for their thoughts and opinions. You can receive quick responses from people who have been in your shoes. Perhaps someone in the group has managed exactly the situation you are facing and can offer some suggestions on how to proceed.

Though this will not be legal advice, the SDAO HR Alliance group can offer:

1. Collaboration - An opportunity to connect with other HR professionals who work for districts. Pose questions and seek input regarding situations that someone else may have specific experience with. A wide variety of subject matter could be addressed, perhaps creative ideas to help you continue to support your employees, provide trainings, conduct recruitments, etc.
2. Feedback - Group responses and opportunities for discussion on various topics, including feedback from the SDAO pre-loss department.
3. Networking - Invitation to participate in the SDAO HR Alliance roundtable in the summer of 2019 (to be scheduled). The roundtable will provide an excellent networking opportunity, the chance to gather with HR colleagues and build working relationships with other HR specialists who have “been there and done that”.

This group is for professionals that provide HR services to districts. We know there are many other terrific organizations out there that provide trainings and opportunities that can, and should, be taken advantage of; however, SDAO HR Alliance is an additional resource meant specifically for the members of SDAO to meet their unique needs.

This group is not intended for obtaining legal advice and will not replace the pre-loss services SDAO offers or any other trainings or resources you have already known and utilized.

Email SDAO HR Manager Monica Harrison with your name, position, district, email address, and phone number to join this group.