Each year, SDIS offers our members grant funding for safety and security issues that their districts are facing through the Safety and Security Matching Grant Program. This program assists members with funding of projects that lead to reduced exposure in high-level claims categories. It is our goal to eliminate or lower risk to the SDIS insurance program by supporting members’ proactive approaches to preventing loss. Recently, the SDIS Trust approved a dramatic increase in funding to increase the number of members that can benefit from this opportunity. Funds available have increased from $300,000 to $450,000.


We will continue to follow the same guidelines as prior years and offer a 50% matching grant up to $5,000. For example, districts with a $5,000 project will be eligible for $2,500 and those with a $10,000 project will be eligible for $5,000. SDIS will use two priority levels in determining grant recipients:


  • First Priority: Grant applicants who have never received an SDIS Safety & Security Grant.
  • Second Priority: Grant applicants who have received an SDIS Safety & Security Grant prior to 2018.


After the two priority levels have been funded, matching grants will be awarded to applicants that meet the eligibility requirements in the order the application is received, until funds have been exhausted. More information about this program and an application will be sent to all members in late summer. 

Safety & Security Grant Contact Information

Attn: Sandy Galaway
PO Box 12613
Salem OR 97309-0613

Email: sgalaway@sdao.com
Toll-free: 800-285-5461 ext. 111
Phone: 503-375-8891
Fax: 503-371-4781